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Safari Browser Tech Support Number for Help

Safari Browser Technical Support Number The Safari browser is developed by the Apple Inc. This internet browser is very popular among Mac as well as MS Windows users. The browser has a notable market share as compared to the other web browsers in terms of usage. Earlier Apple Safari was only provided for Mac OS but in 2007 Apple introduced Safari browser for MS Windows users.

The Safari browser for the Windows version still includes some common errors which keep on annoying the user experience. Safari incorporates few customization features. However, its rival browsers are ahead in some features. This browser does not have zoom and parental controls or some time you are facing problems with safari browser installation and setup. To deal with such errors, you may require online Safari Customer Support Number.

 How to install Apple Safari Browser?

  • Visit the website for Mac version
  • Then click on “Safari Free Download”.
  • Select your operating system.
  • Click “Download Now” Button.
  • Run the installer.
  • After installation opens the program.
  • For MS Windows version, download the installer from

Now access the internet in a faster way. If need any help Regarding Installation Call Safari Support Number Toll-Free.

How to set up Safari Browser?

After the installation, the Safari browser launches by displaying the welcome web page of Apple. To set up the Safari browser, click on the “gear” icon. Then click on “Preferences”. The next step is to click on the “General” tab. And the final step is to choose the option “Default Web browser”. For more customization options, click on the “Preferences” tab. Need help Contact Safari Browser Support Phone Number.

How to configure Safari Browser?

Open the Safari web browser, and from the Safari menu, click on “Preferences”.

Now click the “Security” tab, and then click on “Block pop-up windows” checkbox.

Security Tab Preferences

Close the Safari browser, and from the dock on the bottom of your computer screen, click on the “System Preferences” icon.

Then click on the “General preferences” icon.

Now set the “Show scroll bars” option to “Always”.

Close the “General Preferences” icon.

Benefits of using Safari

Here are the benefits of using Safari:

  • Offers fast launch and page-load.
  • Has better security features.
  • Offers amazing features for Macs

Points to consider

You might need Safari troubleshooting solution as,

    • It doesn’t have much customization options.
    • It doesn’t contain parental controls and zooming options.
    • Setting up and installation might create the hassle.
    • It crashes frequently and slows down over a period of time.

In case you’re facing any problems relating to Apple Safari Browser, just dial +1-888-593-4845 Safari Browser Technical Support Number for Safari Support.