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Mozilla Firefox Support Number For Help

Mozilla Support Number – Mozilla Firefox is highly popular for its fast speed and different synchronization features. It permits you to access bookmarks, browser history, and passwords etc. by using this feature. Via its tabbed browsing, you can instantly cross through web pages in an individual window.

Being an open-source and free internet browser, Firefox utilizes the Gecko layout engine to provide web pages. Firefox accounts for twenty percent usage worldwide. Although Mozilla Firefox is a highly popular web browser, but sometimes you requires troubleshooting tips for Firefox to fix any issue with the browser. We will help you to install and setup, Mozilla Firefox Browser. You just  have to contact our tool free Mozilla Firefox browser Support +1-888-593-4845 USA.

How to install Mozilla Firefox Browser?

Go to the Mozilla website and from there download the Firefox installer. Select the kind of installation either custom or standard. The standard option is useful for common users. If you select the custom option, you will offered below options

  • Select your install location.
  • Install maintenance service. You can also disable this option if you wish to install the updates manually.
  • Now select where to place the icons. You will be provided the option to choose the quick launch bar, start menu, and the desktop.
  • Select if you want to make the Firefox your default web browser.
  • Now launch the installer of Firefox, after a few seconds, Mozilla Firefox will be installed and you can start internet browsing.
  • Now import all of your settings such as passwords, history, bookmarks from your previous web browser.

How to setup Mozilla Firefox?

The Mozilla customer support lets you sync your browsing history, bookmarks, installed add-on, and open tabs across your computers and other devices. To use sync you require to sign-up for a Firefox account. Click on the “hamburger” menu icon in your upper right and choose “Sign in to Sync” option.

After the signup process, Firefox will start syncing your data. By default, Sync stores your history, tabs, bookmarks, passwords, installed add-nos, and preferences. This way, you can setup the Mozilla Firefox by Browser Technical Support

How to configure Mozilla Firefox?

If you want to configure Firefox, go to the menu bar and choose “Tools. Now click on “Options.” The options panel displays seven icons such as Main, Tabs, Content, Applications, Privacy, Security and Advanced. Click the “Main” icon on the options panel in Firefox. You will view three kinds of options–startup, download, and add-nos. Utilize startup options to identify what web page you wish Firefox to load when you access it. With download options, specify if you wish Firefox to display the download windows while downloading.

Now click the “Tabs” icon. Select how you want Firefox’s tabs to act. Then click the “Content” icon. Inspect if you want to enable JavaScript and Java, block pop-up windows, and load images immediately. When you click the “Applications” icon, you can see a list of different file types and their associated applications. If you want Firefox to accept cookies, retain history data, and clear your private data use the privacy icon. Security icon signifies if you want Firefox to warn you when other sites forcibly install add-on. When you click on the “Advanced” icon, you will view four tabs, “General,” “Network,” “Update” and “Encryption.” With the “General” tab, you can set spelling and the scrolling preferences. The “Network” tab influence cache size and connection settings. The “Update tab” gives you the option to update the Firefox. The “Encryption tab” record certificate and protocol preferences

Benefits of Firefox

Below-listed are the benefits of using Mozilla Firefox browser:

  • Speedy performance
  • Enhanced security offering protection against spyware
  • Tabbed browser
  • Easy navigation

Points to remember

  • Doesn’t provide thumbnail preview.
  • Doesn’t offer mouse gestures for previous versions.
  • Compatibility issues with websites.
  • Consumes lot of memory for running.

If you’re having multiple issues with Mozilla Firefox web browser, you can contact +1-888-593-4845 . Mozilla Firefox Browser support Number round the clock for quick solutions to the issues.