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Internet Explorer Technical Support Phone Number for  Help

Internet Explorer Technical Support Phone Number Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most widely used and the conventional internet browser. The Microsoft’s inbuilt web browser has always been exploited by hackers, despite offering features such as, technical support, notable speeds and flexible parental controls.

The current version of the Internet Explorer is IE 11 and would soon be updated by Project Spartan with the launch of MS Windows 10. IE browser has been always targeted by hackers. With such risk, you may require Internet Explorer Customer support Number for internet explorer installation Support,  internet explorer Setup Support, or troubleshooting any errors by Browser Technical Support Number.

How to install Internet Explorer?

  • Visit the website
  • Select the language and your version of MS Windows.
  • Now click on “Download” button to download the setup file.
  • When the file download dialog box is visible, click on the “Run” button and wait for the download process to finish.
  • After that a user account control window will appears.
  • Now click “Yes” on the User Account Control dialog box.
  • Click “Restart now” and wait for the installation process to finish and then the PC will automatically restarts.
  • When the PC starts again, Internet Explorer will be installed.

How to setup Internet Explorer?

  • Run Internet Explorer browser from the start menu. It will display a prompt to setup basic settings for Internet Explorer. You can select the “recommended settings” option or customize them.
  • You can click on the “like” settings icon and choose “About Internet Explorer” from the menu to see the version of Internet Explorer browser installed on your PC.
  • Then you can start using Internet Explorer web browser in your PC. For more guidance you can visit IE Browser Support.

How to configure Internet Explorer?

Security Settings

  • To configure the security settings, open the MS Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Then click on “Tools” in the menu bar. Scroll down and choose “Internet Options.”
  • Now click on the “Security” tab to customize security settings.
  • Then click on the “Security Zone” that you wish to customize.

Privacy Settings

  • To configure the privacy settings, select the “Privacy” tab.
  • Specify the settings you want to change.
  • Click “Sites” to block or allow cookies from specific sites.
  • Click “Allow” or “Block” and then “OK” to complete your changes.
  • Click “Advanced” and check “override automatic cookie handling.”
  • Select your desired settings for the different kinds of cookies.
  • Turn on or off your popup blocker.
  • You can also select to permit popup by specific websites by typing the web address and clicking the “Add” button.

Other Settings

  • Choose the tab of the settings you want to modify. You can select from General, Content, Connections, Programs and Advanced.
  • You can modify the browser’s appearance, select your homepage, default programs and erase browsing history.
  • You can also change various other settings with the “Advanced” tab.
Benefits of using Internet Explorer Technical Support:

Here are the benefits of using Internet Explorer:

  • It provides excellent troubleshooting option.
  • The IE9 and above versions uses HTML 5 to make browsing experience better.
  • The browser supports various applications.
  • It restores the accidentally closed browsing session.

Points to consider:

Internet Explorer solutions are offered for following issues:

  • It is vulnerable to cyber- thefts and attacks.
  • It provides limited browsing speed.
  • It enables limited customization options
  • There’s no track filtering feature in IE.

If you’re facing any difficulties with Internet Explorer, Call internet explorer Support Phone Number +1-888-593-4845 with the Internet Explorer Browser Technical Support Team for your Mac or PC.