Ways To Resolve Safari Certificate Error | Simple Solutions

Users do come across Safari Certificate Error when accessing a website that has an invalid or outdated certificate. The Safari browser misidentifies the website considering it to be harmful to the user. Users do receive an error message from Safari stating that ” Safari can’t verify the identity of the website”. It further asks for permission from the user to connect to the website anyway.

Whenever users face such error messages, all they need to do is to click on ‘Show Certificate’. Check to make sure that everything related to the particular website is the correct order i.e whether the domain name is valid or not. This is necessary to ensure the security of users device and data. This makes sure that the site you are visiting doesn’t possess any threat.

In some instance, you may see this certificate error when visiting completely trusted sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc. This indicates that there is a problem on your device. However, this issue is quite easy to fix. Below are some of the effective methods to get rid of the error message.

Ways To Resolve Safari Certificate Error | Solutions

Below we have explained some simple solutions that can help you resolve the issue of Safari certificate Error.

Update Safari to the latest version

Always update your browser to the latest available version. If you are using an old version of Safari browser, chances are your device may be affected by bugs or malware. Apple releases new updates which contain solutions to bug fixes and other faulty features.

Hence you should always update your Safari browser to the latest available version. To update your Safari you need to access the App Store and click on the updates. Then choose to Update All.

Set Correct Date And Time:

An incorrect date and time may also cause Safari certificate error. So simply ensure that your system is updated with the correct date and time. Connect your device to the internet to retrieve the correct date and time.

Then, go to System Preferences and Select Date & Time. Save your changes and relaunch Safari to see if the issue is resolved or not.

Repair User AKeychain

One of the most effective solutions which resolve this particular issue of Safari certificate Error is to repair the certificates contained in the active user account’s keychain. This particular method not just resolves certificate errors but also many other issues.

Unfortunately, Apple has made this technique obsolete for OSX version 10.11.2. However, users can use Keychain First Aid if they are using an older version of the Operating System. To achieve this follow the below mentioned steps:

  • While holding down the Command button press Spacebar to launch the Spotlight search tool.
  • Type in Keychain Access in the search bar and click on Return. Thus Keychain Access will be launched.
  • Go to Keychain Access menu and click on Keychain First Aid.
  • Now type in the password for the user account; then click on Verify and select Start.
  • Next, click on Repair
  • When done, close Keychain First Aid and open Safari browser to see if the issue is resolved.
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