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Firefox Profile Missing? Get It Fixed Through Simple Tricks

If you encounter a message marked as “Firefox profile missing”, it implies that Firefox cannot be loaded. It can be due to a missing profile, which simply draws the conclusion that Firefox can’t access the profile folder.

Therefore, if you follow this article, you will get to know what exactly you need to follow if you spot this error.

This may take place due to the relevant files, which gets corrupted inside the home directory. Therefore, don’t take the headache of removing the profile options. There is a smart approach to clean the cache without losing any important file or information.

The cache is basically a bunch of junk files or unnecessary information that get automatically created while you are browsing. However, you can remove it safely.

We will guide you through all the platforms where this issue is noticeable. Therefore, follow this informative content to know the effective hacks to counteract this issue.

Proven Ways to Fix Firefox Profile Cannot be Loaded Issue

Go through the undermentioned steps to resolve the Firefox profile missing issue in no time:


Fix 1: Clearing the Mozilla Cache

  1. First of all, you have to type “killall firefox” in the terminal window.
  2. This ensures the fact that there are no running instances for the browser.
  3. Moreover, you just need to ensure the fact that there are no running instances of Thunderbird if you use the command “killall Thunderbird”. 
  4. However, if you encounter “firefox: no process found,” safely ignore it, since it implies that are no instances running.
  5. Once completed,  you can execute the command rm -rf .cache/mozilla/ from the terminal.
  6. Press Enter when you don’t find any output. Please ensure that you remove the files since you require root access in order to wipe them. Thunderbird cache resides in the same directory. Therefore, the above command can easily remove that in one go.
  7. Running will take some time. As a result, restart the Mozilla browser once this is cleared. 

Furthermore, you will not receive any warnings. Your profile should load perfectly. While you go through the history and current history, you will find that this doesn’t fit with the browser settings, bookmarks or the passwords. 

This is owing to the fact that they are kept in a separate directory. Thus, you can easily handle this problem with the minimal effort.

Fix 2: Clearing the Mozilla Cache Graphically

The terminal method is the quickest one available. However, you can opt for the graphical file manager process if you are a regular user of modern Linux implementation. First and foremost thing is to close the Firefox and Thunderbird apps if you are running them.

After that, you can open the file manager and then press the combination of Ctrl and H keys if you can’t view the folders. Now, you can double click on .cache and then press on the Mozilla folder again.

Exhibit the Firefox folder and the Thunderbird and once you have already done that. Now, you need to use the combination of Shift as well as the Delete key and you will encounter a warning message which will tell you how this can lead to permanent damage. 

Now, you can press the Delete button since this will clear the history as well as saved logins. But don’t worry, bookmarks or passwords will remain unaffected.

Upon the completion of this process, you can easily start Firefox again. You will not encounter any sort of error message stating that the Firefox file is missing. This fix uses the same command similar to the previous method. 

Here you just need to use the graphical browser which might be beneficial for you if you are working with the home folder or fixing something. 

However, in the near future if you encounter “Warning: Unresponsive Script” error in Firefox each and every time you start, then you are good to go with this method since it resolves this error.


Fix 1: Building a New File

When you receive this Firefox file is missing error in Windows, it implies that the Firefox profile which your browser is using is not accessible by default. However, the remedial steps are very easy. You just need to create an entirely new file with the help of the Run command and after that, you can launch Firefox.

After the successful launch of Firefox, you can easily keep a backup using the Backup Utility and retrieve all the saved data. Please take into consideration that you require the email and the password associated with the Firefox:

  1. First of all, press the combination of Windows as well as R key. After that, provide “firefox.exe -p” and click on Enter.
  2. You will find a new pop up window comprising of different options. Then, press the option termed as Create Profile.
  3. Again, you will find a new popup window which tells you the information about the Firefox profiles. Then, click on Next.
  4. Now, you will be redirected to a separate window where they will ask you to enter the name of the profile you are creating. After, you enter the name click on Finish.
  5. Now, you are back in the same window from where you started. Press the Start Firefox option in order to launch the browser.
  6. Then, you need to press the menu icon available on the top right corner of the screen. After that, choose Sign in to Sync option.
  7. Finally, enter the credentials. Now, you are again back online with all the Firefox loaded properly.

Fix 2: Reinstalling Firefox

If the above method doesn’t come up with an effective result, you can reinstall Firefox from the beginning after you uninstall and then erase all the local files. This is a major concern associated with Firefox where you will find the malicious configuration files. Henceforth, you won’t be able to launch the browser in a proper fashion:

  1. In order to begin the process, you need to press the combination of Windows as well as R key in the dialog box. Then click on Enter.
  2. In the program and features tab, go through all the entire list till you find Firefox. Then, you need to right-click and choose Uninstall.
  3. After that, reboot the P.C and press the combination of Windows as well as E key in order to launch the file explorer. After that, press the option termed as View and then examine the option marked as hidden items. Therefore, you can easily access all the files even they are concealed from the regular user.
  4. Now you need to follow the below path.


The Username is basically the name of the user profile where you install it. If you get through a Mozilla entry, just right-click and choose the Delete option. Now restart the P.C and move to the official website of Mozilla Firefox. After completing the installation, you need to try this once again. Finally, examine to find out whether the issue persists.

Mac OS

Just like the Windows and Ubuntu, you might encounter the error message Firefox file is missing in the Mac OS. The symptoms and remedies are more or less similar. However, the methods vary to a small extent on the basis of the operating system.

Fix 1: Use of the Profile Manager

You can make an attempt to create a new profile. Otherwise, you can go ahead and recover an existing one and check whether the Firefox launches without any interruption. If it fails to launch as per the expectation, you can uninstall Firefox. This will erase the residual files and then you can reinstall the browser from the official website.

  1. In order to begin the process, you need to open Safari and then go to the official website of Mozilla Firefox. After that you can download the updated profile manager too. Then, choose the operating system and build when you receive the alert.
  2. If you stumble upon the error termed as “ Firefox profile cannot be loaded”, it signifies that you can change the preferences for the application to run when you download on the internet. Also, take into consideration that you may need administrator privileges in order to modify the preferences. 
  3. After that, you need to press the Apple Logo available on the upper left corner. Now, choose the option termed as System Preferences.
  4. When the Open System preferences tab opens, click on the sub-category Security and Privacy.
  5. Now, you can press the Lock button available at the bottom. After that, you can provide credentials in order to examine. 
  6. After you enter the required credentials, the option will permit apps is automatically editable. Then, you can make the required changes and then exit.

You just need to ensure that you disable the setting after you run the profile manager in order to safeguard your Mac.

Fix 2: Reinstall Firefox

If the profile manager doesn’t work properly, then the only option left is to reinstall the application as discussed previously. When you make an attempt to uninstall a software, certain residual files are left behind. Therefore, you need to remove them before you move ahead installing a new copy. This will prevent the error from recurring.

  1. In order to start the process, just click on the Launchpad. After that choose AppCleaner.
  2. Now, you have to press on the list icon available at the right-hand corner of the screen to get all the applications installed on Mac. 
  3. Then, select Firefox from the available list and after that, double-click on it in order to delete. Make sure that you examine all the application before you click on Remove option.
  4. After that, you can reboot your Mac device. Now, you need to follow the below path

               *-/Library/Application Support/ Firefox/


Now, you can erase all the files or folders present in the designated directories and then reboot Mac again.

      5.  Then, move to the official website of Firefox with the help of Safari. Now, you have the provision to download the recent Firefox client and thereafter install on your PC. Hopefully, this will resolve the Firefox file missing issue.

Wrapping Things Up

Now, we have covered all the solutions to overcome the Firefox profile missing issue. All the probable fixes are there in this informative content keeping in mind the prominent causes.

If you follow this user guide, you can easily resolve the above issue in one go. Moreover, you can refer to the user guide to have a quick glance. Apart from this, if you have any fresh ideas, you can provide that in the comment section.