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Fix Mozilla Firefox Critical Error -With The Best Effective Steps

Mozilla Firefox is a famous web browser that has been appreciated worldwide because of its enormous facilities. But none of the technologies are flawless and so as Firefox. Mozilla Firefox Critical Error is a spam message that the cybercriminals send for tracking your personal information. Just like the scam, Microsoft Edge faced through the Microsoft Edge critical error. And the only difference is that the scammers have targeted the browser users to use several numbers while communicating with the victims.

Mozilla Firefox Critical Error

Mozilla Firefox Critical Error – A Brief Description

Generally, as soon as you enter an infected site, the browser redirects you to the Mozilla Firefox Critical ERROR scam website. It comes up on a reg page with the information that someone else is trying to access your personal credentials and bank details. Additionally, it also gives you a warning of the trojan virus attack that affects the hard disk of your PC.

On the other hand, this error message shows up with a pop-up where you will require authentication. Moreover, the system will ask you to enter your login credentials and enter into the page. And obviously, you get no clue about which credentials it is asking for and automatically dial the toll-free number mentioned on the page itself. Unfortunately, this whole message is a scam. And you have to take an immediate step to eliminate it from your browser.

However, there are multiple variations of this particular error where you can find different phone numbers and error codes. In that case, it would be wise not to call on any of the numbers from that page. Because it won’t be difficult for the techies to steal your sensitive information through your phone number. In addition, they can also swindle the money or try to sell some malicious websites to you. So none of them would actually be good for you.

Things To Keep In Mind

In case you have ended up on a fake website once, it can bring several troubles for your device. In fact, you might not be able to close the scam websites no matter how many times you click on exit. Therefore, you should immediately force quit Firefox in order to avoid such unnecessary troubles.

However, if Firefox redirects you to this page frequently, you probably have an adware program on your browser. Check out the several circumstances when you can suspect the infiltration of adware:

  • Random text in the form of hyperlinks
  • The constant appearance of other suspicious websites
  • An increasing amount of banners, pop-ups, and several other online ads

Fix Mozilla Firefox Critical Error

As a matter of fact, Firefox doesn’t allow you to exit from the web browser. In that case, you can press Ctrl + Alt +Delete and go to Windows Task Manager. Search for Mozilla Firefox on the list, select and click to choose End Task.

This procedure will help you force stop Mozilla Firefox. Now its time to eliminate the Mozilla Firefox Critical ERROR. You can easily perform the task with a powerful anti-malware tool.

Uninstall The Affecting Adware Program

In case a recent adware that has not joined the virus database yet is causing the trouble, the anti-malware tool fails to resolve this. In that situation, we would recommend you to look for the programs manually.

  • Press Windows key + I altogether and go to the Apps section.
  • Here you can look for all the recently installed programs and navigate to the suspicious ones.
  • Select the suspicious program and hit the Uninstall option.

Reset Mozilla Firefox

Take a look if the date of the programs coincides with the Mozilla Firefox Critical Error emergence and erase them all. Finally, its time to reset your Mozilla Firefox browser with the correct steps.

  • Go to Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the menu icon (look for the three horizontal lines reflecting at the top right corner).
  • As soon as the address bar opens, type in about: support and hit Enter. After that, the Troubleshooting information page will appear on the window.
  • Now Refresh Firefox and do the same on the confirmation screen.
  • Finally, click on Finish and restart Firefox.
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