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How To Fix “Safari Can’t Verify the Identity of A Website” Error?

Well, Safari browsers will work just fine when you are browsing the web but, it may equally encounter a persistent error message about the verification process of the identity of any particular website. You will an error message appearing as: Safari can’t verify the identity of the website “URL” which indicates that the website certificate is invalid. While establishing a secured connecting to a website which is pretending to be a “URL” may put your confidential information at high risk. Of-course not!

The first may be a complete indication of a valid security warning, and here you need to click on the “Show Certificate” button to verify that it is a trusted website.  On the other hand, the message can appear as an erroneous message from Safari also and this is what we will explain you here on how to Fix “Safari Can’t Verify the Identity of A Website” Error .

Methods to Fix “Safari Can’t Verify the Identity of A Website” Error


Method 1 : Here to manage this error, one initially needs to fix “Invalid Certificate Errors” with the help of “Repairing Keychain’ process.

  • Quit your Safari browser first
  • Hit the “Command+Spacebar” icon to easily bring up “Spotlight search” process and then, type the “Keychain Access” . Click to return to launch the app
  • Navigate to the “Keychain Access” menu to select the “Keychain First Aid” from the menu list given to you
  • Enter your current user password now and then, click on  the “Verify” box which is to be followed by choosing the “Start” button
  • Now, click on the “Repair radio box” icon and then hit on the “Start” button.
  • At last, re-launch your Safari browser by visiting the website on to next method if this does not solve the Safari can’t verify the identity of the website error

Method 2: Make sure that the System Time is accurate

Make sure that there is proper access to the active internet to retrieve accurate date as well as time info from the Apple servers

  • Quit the Safari browser next
  • Open the “Apple menu” and then, go to the “System Preferences” icon now
  • Choose an appropriate “Date & Time” and do check the “Set date and time automatically” box
  • Re-launch Safari

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