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How To Fix “Safari Can’t Open Page” Error?

The “Safari Can’t Open the Page” error can happen with any one of us while we are working with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac or on any version of the web browser. Users may come across this error message while visiting any website by stopping them from viewing various web page immediately. While this error happens, users are suggested to fix “Safari can’t open page” error quickly by following any one of the following given below solutions that are explained briefly.

Solutions to troubleshoot “Safari can’t open page” error


Solution 1: Check the URL

  • Here one needs to perform a check of the website URL address, so that users are aware of the fact whether it is correct or not. This is considered as one of the most common reasons why web pages suffer from issues like it can’t be loaded anymore.
  • Only inaccurate typing of the URL web address will prevent the site from loading fully. So, make sure that it is correctly typed.

Solution 2: Solve this issue by refreshing the Web Page

  • If the above solution does not seems to be working out then, you can also refresh the web page to fix the issue faster and particularly if the connection was interrupted due to some reason.
  • Users can simply refresh the webpage by hitting on the ‘refresh’ button which can be found in the address bar.

Solution 3: Quit and then Re-launch Safari browser

  • This one is another solution to get your problem fixed where you simply need to quit and then, re-launch the Safari browser when a web page can’t be loaded at all.

Solution 4: Check for an appropriate DNS and Use Google DNS

  • Often DNS servers are the topmost reasons to blame for poorly loading web pages. So, the most appropriate solution is simply to make use of custom Google DNS servers where you can also modify the settings according to you.

Solution 5: Updating the Software

  • If all the above solution fails to solve the matter then, follow this solution where it is recommended for users to update their Safari software or the system software. Check for any available software updates if available to deal with this error and then install them carefully.

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