Flash Not Working In Chrome | Perform The Solutions

Undoubtedly, the flash player is an essential feature of the Chrome. It can help you to play videos, animations, and games. But sometimes, you may find Flash Not Working in Chrome, and you can not access videos or games. The error may happen if you disable the flash player or if the site keeps crashing.

However, if you want to solve the error, you can read through this article. Here you will find the necessary solutions which may help you to eradicate the problem.

Why Is Flash Not Working In Chrome?

Several reasons can affect the flash player of the Chrome. If you disable the flash player, then it has problems restarting. Again, due to graphics card related issues, you can face the same problem.

If web pages crash frequently, the flash player can stop working. Though the reasons sound tough to resolve, the solution is not difficult that much.

How To Fix The flash player not working in chrome

Perform the resolutions to fix the chrome issue. Try the steps sequentially to get rid of the problem. Have a look at the given steps.

Solution 1: Enable The Flash Player

The first step you can take is to enable the flash player of the Chrome. To activate it, open settings and navigate to the Advanced options. Now, click on content settings and select the Flash option. Then, you need to enable the option Ask first (recommended) and make sure that the website is not on the block list. Finally, restart the computer and check whether the flash player is running.

Solution 2: Allow The Flash Player On Websites

Sometimes, the browser does not allow a website to play the flash player. If you want to play it from the current site, you can follow these instructions.

First, go to that website and open view site information. From there, select the Site settings. Now, click on flash from the list and allow it. After that, restart the browser to check if the error exists or not.

Solution 3: Update The Chrome

If the flash not working in Chrome, then you can solve it by updating the browser. To update Chrome, open the browser and navigate to settings. Now, from the left panel of the screen to click on the menu button. After that, choose the option About Chrome. Then check the status of the Chrome. If you find any update there, download the update, and you may succeed to resolve the problem.

Solution 4: Update The Flash player

Similarly, an obsolete version of the flash player may interrupt your work. You can update it with these steps.

Open the Chrome browser and open the URL chrome://components/ to call up a list. From that list, go to the Adobe Flash player and look for the latest updates. If you find it, download the update and restart the browser again.

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