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How to Fix Mozilla Firefox Profile Missing Error?

Firefox is one of the most the popular and widely used web browser by users, all across the globe. However, there are many instances where you are unable to fix the Firefox problems. To fix Mozilla Firefox Profile Missing Error is one of the most challenging and biggest tasks for you, when you come across the error, and when you don’t know how to fix it. The Mozilla Firefox profile missing error arises when your profile data is missing or not readable by Firefox. Firefox stores user data in a separate folder in user’s profile so that it can save user’s settings, history etc. If this folder is missing, your profile will not be loaded in Firefox resulting in profile missing error. Well, this is really not a very big issue for you, if you do not give importance to your data in Firefox. So, you can fix them by just simply clicking on “OK” button, once you get error pop-ups on the screen. Furthermore, but, if you have some important data in Firefox browser like Saved password, Bookmarks, etc. then you may wish to fix this error. Therefore, here are three possibilities to occurring the error code, includes when you Firefox’s user profile folder is renamed or deleted, when Firefox doesn’t have access to user profile folder, or when the data inside profile folder is corrupted. Then you don’t need to worry about anything, you can get online help by tech support experts at Browser Support Number.

Fix Mozilla Firefox Profile Missing Error

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Solution 1:- Check If Profile Folder Is Moved or Renamed

The first solution is a quite easy to access confirm that whether the profile folder is missing or renamed to another name. If you remember what’s the name of your Firefox profile then you probably can check whether the folder is renamed or not. If there’s no folder available under the Firefox profile folder it means profiles are deleted by someone or due to any technical error.

Follow these steps to do this task:-

  • Browse to “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles”. (Make sure hidden files are shown because AppData folder is hidden in Windows.)
  • Then you need to check whether there are folders in that location. If there’s no folder, it means profiles are deleted and you need to create one. But if there is any folder available make sure it’s named properly.
  • Ensure that “Default profile folder name” will end with .default and if it’s renamed to another name, rename it back to default. Follow the same thing with your custom profile in Firefox profile folder.

Solution 2:- Create A New Firefox Profile

In case, if there’s no folder found or you can find the actual reason then consider creating a new profile.  Often the solution to create a new profile and start using Firefox with the newly created profile work for many users. This is recommend if more than two users are using Firefox. They can save their data in different folders and data will save separately.

  • First, press “Win+R” key and type firefox.exe -P, hit “enter” key and then a dialogue will appear.
  • Next, you will see a list of profiles which are available. If you want to delete the profile, select from the list and delete it. To create a new one select “Create Profile” option.
  • Hit “Next” button, and then enter the “Profile Name”. Then you can select the folder where user data will be saved.
  • Hit “Finish” button.
  • Now again, press “Win+R” key to open “Profile manager” again. Uncheck the box saying “Use Selected Profile without Asking at Startup”. Then select the profile from the list and click “Start Firefox”.
  • Then, if you are using multiple user accounts in Firefox, next time Firefox will ask you which user profile to use for browsing.
  • With the above two solutions, you can easily solve your problem.

If you are still having the problem related to your profile in Mozilla Firefox or facing the same error. Then you should contact at Firefox customer service number to get professional guidance or advised.

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