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Firefox Application Error: Fix This Browser Issue With Excellent Troubleshooting Tips

While working with Mozilla Firefox, it can generate various kinds of problems including the Application error. When the issue occurs, the Firefox application fails to load on or crashes unexpectedly. This can also happen when your system is using multiple web browsers causing interference between them. 

Sometimes, Firefox application error can appear due to issues in themes, plugins, and extensions in the web browser. According to many users, corrupted graphics and security software can also be responsible for application failure in Firefox. In some cases, using outdated software or Firefox version can result in this Application error.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Firefox Application Error Easily:

If you are annoyed with Firefox exe application error, then you can resolve it with some easy technical hacks. Hence, let’s discuss a few effective methods to fix this application failure problem in Mozilla Firefox.

Solution 1- Run Firefox in Safe Mode

One of the main reasons behind causing this application error is problematic add-ons and extensions. Hence, to fix this error, the users need to disable such components before launching Firefox.

When you launch Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode, the browser will be loaded without any plugins or add-ons. So, if it crashes frequently due to unnecessary extensions or software, this method will fix it.

Now, to apply this fix, you need to turn on the Safe Mode for Mozilla Firefox. So, at first, hit the Menu button on the Firefox web browser. Next, select the ‘Help’ tab and choose the ‘Restart with Add-ons Disabled’ option.

As you hit this button, Firefox will relaunch along with the Safe Mode dialog. Otherwise, you can also access this feature by holding down the Shift button during Firefox startup.

Whenever you see the window for Firefox Safe Mode, simply click on the ‘Start in Safe Mode’ button. After beginning the browser in Safe mode, if you still observe Firefox application error, try the remaining fixes.

Solution 2- Turn off Hardware Acceleration for Firefox

In case, the Mozilla Firefox continues to crash after applying the above method, try this solution. Often, the feature of hardware acceleration in PC’s can interfere with Firefox. It mainly occurs when it tries to utilize the graphics card in the system for rendering objects and texts on websites.

So, the hardware acceleration can slow down the loading of pages and causes application failure in Mozilla Firefox. Now, you can deal with this error by disabling this feature on your web browser.

For applying this method, open the Firefox browser on your computer and hit the ‘Options’ tab. Then select the Advanced icon and go to the ‘General’ section.

Below the heading of ‘Accessibility’, you will find three checkboxes with various settings. So, make sure that the checkboxes are unticked for this option to resolve the application error.

Next, go to the ‘Browsing’ section and remove the tick from the checkbox for ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’. However, keep the check sign on remaining checkboxes for the Firefox browsing option.

Also, you have to set Firefox as your default browser during the application startup. Hence, select the checkbox for ‘Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup’. Remember to tick the box for ‘Submit crash reports’ in order to report about frequent Firefox crashes.

Finally, save all these configurations on Firefox options by clicking the ‘OK’ button. Then relaunch the application to check if Firefox exe application error is appearing after turning off hardware acceleration.

Solution 3- Scan Corrupted Files and Update Web Browser

A majority of Firefox users have also reported that they are experiencing application issues due to malware and viruses. It can also occur if there are corrupted files in the browser or due to any other reasons.

So, unless you perform a thorough scanning of your system or browser, the application error will keep reappearing. Hence, the simple trick to resolve this Firefox issue is by running a system checking software. Otherwise, you can also make use of any built-in antivirus program or third-party solution to scan Firefox.

If the software doesn’t detect any corrupted files regarding Firefox, try to check its version. It might be the case that this Mozilla browser is crashing due to lack of proper updates to fix bugs.

List of Firefox Updates for Troubleshooting Application Error:

Sometimes, updating the browser alone can’t fix the issue of Firefox exe application failure. This is why you need to perform some additional steps to keep Mozilla Firefox up-to-date. So, let’s take a look at the features which you need to update alongside Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox

To update the browser, click on the ‘Help’ option from the Firefox menu. Then choose ‘About Firefox’ and wait for the list of updates available for the web browser. Now, you can download and install the recent updates for Firefox to remove the application error.

Themes, Extensions, and Plugins

In order to update the plugins, you can view the page for Firefox plug-in. So, the browser will automatically scan for plugins that are not up-to-date. You can then individually select the plugins causing the Firefox crash and update them.

Whereas, for updating the extensions and themes in Firefox, go to the tab for ‘Add-ons’. Then choose the ‘Extensions’ option and select the gear symbol. Now, click on the tab for ‘Check for Updates’ and it will start updating the Firefox add-ons.

Graphics and Operating System

Along with the above features, you also need to keep your OS as well as graphics drivers updated. Hence, open the ‘Device Manager’ if using Windows-based PC by typing the name in the search box.

Then locate the list of drivers that you want to update for resolving the application problem. If you are not a tech-savvy person and don’t know which drivers to update, you can consult a technician. You can also ask these professionals to update firewalls, internet security software and antivirus program to fix the Firefox application problem.

Solution 4- Restart Firefox with Default Browser Settings

Firefox creates a user profile for storing personal information and data of the users. If any corrupted files in this folder cause application error, it can lead to many problems. So, you can fix this issue by resetting Mozilla Firefox and create a new user’s profile.

Before applying this solution, make sure to create a backup for your important data. Otherwise, resetting the browser can lead to permanent deletion of search engine data, themes, plugins, extensions, etc.

For trying this solution, click on the ‘Firefox’ menu and go to the ‘Help’ section. Finally, choose the ‘Troubleshooting Information’ option and click on the ‘Reset Firefox’ button on the next page.

Hopefully, if you apply any of these methods discussed in this article, the issue of Firefox application error will not appear anymore. But, if you are unable to apply them or want advanced fixes to deal with Firefox application failure, you can contact professionals. 

They can explain to you the underlying causes of frequent browser crashing and other technical errors as well. Hence, you can rely on their suggestion before applying any technical solutions to remove these Firefox errors.