Easy Way to Fix Chrome Keeps Crashing

Chrome is considered one of the fastest browsers with robust features. Besides its incredible functionality, some of the technical glitches often appear from time to time. Therefore, the ‘Chrome Keeps Crashing’ issue may be a significant one. However, the browser won’t be able to load pages or remains unable to open multiple tabs. In this article, we have highlighted the procedures to recover the Chrome clash.

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Know Why Does The Chrome keep crashing

While you are opening more than one tabs simultaneously, then you may find that the Chrome is frequently crashing. Moreover, some of the pages won’t be loading. In the end, the dynamic pages become unresponsive, and after a few minutes, the windows close automatically.

Some of the crucial factors responsible for making the Chrome crash are:

Obsolete Driver

The outdated driver may create the Chrome crash problem. It fails to provide user-access and permission due to the outdated issues. Therefore, your Chrome pages take more time to load. Also, it may refuse to open.

Malware Or Virus Infection

Sometimes, a malware attack creates problem to make the browser conflicts. Therefore, while you are trying use to multiple pages at a time, your device will start to freeze continuously.

Applications Incompatibility

If you are downloading a program which is compatible with the 64-bit Windows, but you are using the version of 32 bit, then it creates an incompatibility issue. As a result, Chrome browser will clash automatically.

Chrome Keeps Crashing Windows 10- Easy Steps

There are specific methods which will help you sort out the crashing problem easily.

Method 1: Remove Add-Ons

First, open our google chrome keeps crashing by tapping on the Chrome icon and type “chrome://extensions” into the address bar to open the extensions page directly. Here, you can see a list of the extensions which you have included before with the Chrome browser. Finally, choose the extended applications and drag the slider “Off” to disable.

Method 2: Update Applications

Type “chrome://conflicts” into the Goole address bar and hit “Enter” to proceed and see the list of the software that is already loaded. Next, tap on the three dotted lines from the right corner of the Chrome window and choose “Settings” from the menu. Now, choose the option ” Open the new tab page” by clicking on the radio button in the “On startup page” and select “Advanced”.

Then, from “Reset and clean up” page, you might choose”Update or Remove incompatible applications” option and tap on “Remove” to uninstall it. Finally, restart your browser and check whether the problem persists or not.

Method 3: Update Security Software

Open your Antivirus Window and choose the “Settings” menu. Now, click on “Update” option under “Settings.” Finally, wait for several minutes to update the antivirus. Scan your device with the Antivirus and see the scan report whether all the malware is disinfected or not. Finally, re-open the Chrome browser and check whether the ‘Google Chrome keeps crashing’ bug is removed.

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