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Disable Search Suggestions in Safari on Mac OS X

How to Disable Safari Search Suggestions on Mac OS X?

Safari works flawlessly on our Macs. As Search suggestions in Safari can be a great aid to speed up the procedure of discovering what you want. But, many Safari users have noticed on their Mac OS X, that when they click into the address bar and then start typing something to search for, they will quickly see suggestions of various things based on what they are typing. These search engine suggestions can be irrefutably useful in some cases, and often the Safari browser gets sluggish, stop, and takes for over to load a web page, due to this feature. Users from all around the world are reporting problems with the Safari web browser crashing on their iPhone or Mac OS X. The problems start when people try and type anything into the address bar of the browser. So, if you are facing exactly the same issue, then don’t worry about it. Thus, the best option is that to turn this feature off and disable the pop-up search suggestions menu when you are entering text into the Safari URL bar in Mac OS X. Here the blog will guide you to Disable Safari Search Suggestions on Mac OS X. Then you just need to follow the below steps.


Steps to Disable Safari Search Suggestions on Mac OS X:-

Here are mentioned some easy steps to Turning off Safari Search Suggestions in Mac OS X.

Step 1:- Go To Safari Menu

  • Open the Safari and go to the “Safari” menu.
  • Choose “Preferences” option.

Step 2:- Choose “Search” Tab

  • Click on the “Search” tab and under the “Search Engine” section.
  • Then uncheck the box next to “Include search engine suggestions”.

Enable or Disable Search Suggestions in Safari on Mac OS X

Step 3:- Close Out of Preferences

  • Close out of “Preferences” option.
  • Then return to a regular Safari window, and then hit in the URL bar and enter text as usual. Then you will see no longer be suggested autocompletions offered.

Make sure this adjustment applies to all search engines in Safari.

In this way, you can easily disable Search Suggestions in Safari on Mac OS X.

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