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How to Fix ‘Internet Explorer Has Encountered A Problem’ Error?

So, while you are browsing your IE happily until all of a sudden you come across an error message which gets displayed as ‘Internet Explorer Has Encountered A Problem’ and needs to close” and here IE will completely shut down.

Users here will lose all their tabs along with any forms which they have been filling out since long? The cause of this error is related to data report error which will appear when you click on the wrong link to check whether the data consist of error.


The ‘Internet Explorer Has Encountered A Problem’ Error will come across a message displayed as AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer. 7.0.5730.11 ModName: unknown ModVer: Offset: 61eb77e0.

So, people who are still working with the IE then, have a quick methods to fix ‘Internet Explorer Has Encountered A Problem’ Error with appropriate guidelines

Steps to Troubleshoot ‘Internet Explorer Has Encountered A Problem’ Error

Step 1: Temporary Files

Open the “IE” option and then, go to the “Tools” section, Internet Options or you can also click on the “Settings gear” icon which is located at the top right area of the screen. Now, you need to clear out all the temporary Internet files in the system. Right under the “Browsing History” icon just click on  the ”Delete” button and then check for any “Temporary Internet files” as well as the “website files”. It will resolve your issue

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Step 2: Manage Script Debugging Issues

In some of the IE version, script debugging is the most obvious cause of this issue. Try to disable all the scripts debugging features by navigating to the “Internet Options” again. Click on the “Advanced tab” and then check for the “Disable Script Debugging” issues in the Internet Explorer and tap on the “Disable Script Debugging” icon which will be found in other boxes.

Step 3: Perform A Clean Boot System

This is another method in case you are not satisfied with the above two methods. Run and carefully type “MSCONFIG” command. Now, click on the ‘Startup’ tab and then uncheck all items. Re-start the computer device. This will further disable all your startup programs by preventing it from running. If still the issue persists, it is recommended for users to go ahead and turn them back on one by one and check whether the issue still happens to exist.

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Steps to Fix Internet Explorer 500 Internal Server Error

Internet Explorer 500 internal server error is a generic type of error message, which is encountered when no specific type of message is suitable for the browser. This kind of Internet Explorer error can have multiple reasons for a 500 Internal Server issue which gets displayed in a web browser. Continue reading


How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 Online?

So, is it the case where your Internet Explorer leads towards crashing, loading slowly, or even refusing to open while you are working with it? There are definitely a wide range of options available for users as suggested by a team of Internet Explorer Technical Support Phone Number professionals to overcome with this issue. Microsoft provides several numbers of tools that can easily fix these types of common problems, or even they can take these issues into their responsibility by simply scanning for malware and reinstalling Internet Explorer effectively.   Below are five methods explained to repair IE by expert team of internet explorer support Phone Number professionals


Method 1 describes about the process of Running Microsoft Fix It

  • Visit the “Fix It” website in Internet Explorer at first.
  • Selection of the “Internet Explorer” directly from the list of programs is essential.
  • Select your choice of the closest approximation of your issue which you are experiencing currently
  • Click on the “Run Now” option which is located just next to the suggested solutions.
  • Follow up all the prompts to easily run the Fix It programs icon.

Method 2 discusses about the steps to remove toolbar

  • Open up the Internet Explorer option.
  • Click on the Gear button or you can also tap on the Tools menu.
  • Select the “Manage add-ons” icon directly from the menu.
  • Selection of the “Toolbars and Extensions” folder which is located right in the left frame is an essential task for users.
  • Click on the toolbar which you wish to remove is mandatory.
  • Clicking on the .Disable button which will appear at the time of selecting the toolbar is important.
  • Users are required to repeat this for all of the toolbars which they wish to remove.

Method 3 is all about the removal process of a Malware from the PC

  • Download few malware scanners which you like the most
  • Installation of the anti-malware software is a mandatory process.
  • Rebooting the computer in Safe Mode is recommended to user.
  • Run each of the scan to remove any infected entry which is appearing at the end of the task.
  • Run your antivirus scan process
  • Reboot the PC thereafter

Method 4 is all about reinstalling the Internet Explorer on Windows XP, 7 and Vista system

  • Visit the Internet Explorer download page to go ahead with the process
  • Find the download option for the Windows system.
  • Run the installer thereafter.

Method 5 describes all the steps to disabling IE for Windows 8 system

  • Press the “windows” icon and then type the “windows features”.
  • Uncheck the “Internet Explorer 11” and the simply click on the .OK button.
  • Restart the PC when prompted.

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How to Easily Browse Incognito in Internet Explorer ?

Nowadays, all the recent browsers have a private browsing mode feature, inspired by a Google Chrome’s “Incognito” mode. Well in the Internet Explorer, the private browsing mode is referred to as “InPrivate Browsing”. As per as research is concerned conducted by a team of internet explorer support phone number experts, any browsing done in this mode will not be logged on in your computer. Users can work in this mode by tapping on InPrivate Browsing in both the desktop as well as Metro versions of Internet Explorer.


Below is a step by step guide to browse in incognito mode as guided by a team of internet explorer help professionals

A) Method 1 is explained by the use of Internet Explorer on Desktop computers under expert guidance of…………… experts

  • Open and tap on the Internet Explorer
  • Click on the Gear button or on the Tools menu and then select the “InPrivate Browsing” option.
  • A user can now browse websites privately in the new window.
  • Set up the Internet Explorer directly to the open in InPrivate browsing mode option

b)     Method 2 is all about working with the method of Internet Explorer (Metro version)

  • Open and tap on the Internet Explorer tab.
  • Tap on the “Tabs” button directly to move ahead with the process.
  • Next, a user needs to click on the “…” button which is located at the top of the Tabs frame. Then, simply select a “New InPrivate Tab”.
  • Use of the Tabs frame to easily switch between the InPrivate and regular tabs are quite easy process.

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