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Reset Google Chrome With Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Google Chrome is a very popular web browser. It comes with some notable features like upgraded tabs, incognito browsing, etc. Due to this, it has become the users’ first preference. But being an software, it shows some technical glitches like other web browsers. Frozen tab or Windows is one such glitch which most of the users encounter while using Google Chrome. Reset Google Chrome is the key to resolve the issue. This article contains detailed information about it.

How to Reset Google Chrome?

Reset Google Chrome Settings shows flaws due to various reasons which restrict you from accessing any websites. Some of the common reasons which usually occurs while using Google Chrome.

Frozen Tab Or Window – After using Google Chrome for some days, you might notice that your Windows will respond slowly to the output device. It happens if you have any third-party software or applications installed in your device. Due to which the files of Chrome get conflicted with the files of that third-party apps and in results your chrome will not work properly.

Crashing Of Google Chrome – If any malicious software present in your device, then your Google Chrome crashes, even fails to load web pages. And you won’t be able to access any web page.

DNS Server Not Responding- If you this browser for accessing any website and it does not work properly, then DNS server also not be able to convert the web address into your computer IP address.

How To Reset Google Chrome – Easy Hacks

  • Firstly, you need to open Google Chrome, by clicking on the icon of Google Chrome which you will get in the taskbar.
  • After that, tap on Chrome’s main menu button which you will get in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  • Now, a drop-down menu will pop-up. From there, select Settings. Basically, this will display the Chrome Settings in a new tab or window depending on the configuration.
  • On scrolling down, you will get an option named Show Advanced Settings. On clicking that option Chrome’s Advanced Settings should now be displayed.
  • Again scroll, till you get the option Reset Settings.
  • Now, click on the Reset Settings button. A confirmation dialogue will pop up in the display which will describe the components that will be restored to their default state.

If you perform the above steps, you will able to Google Chrome Reset.

Problems Regarding Reset Google Chrome

After resetting Google Chrome you may encounter this problem or during the resetting.

  1. The home page button on Chrome’s toolbar can be hidden.
  2. Any custom homepage URLs will be erased.
  3. Removal of custom startup tabs
  4. Browsing history, cookies, cache, and other website data will be deleted.

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How To Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate On Chrome?

Whenever you are trying to open some particular websites, you may receive ‘Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate’. Such an error is exclusive to Mac users and doesn’t show up for Windows version of Chrome. However, if you have no idea to Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate On Chrome on the own, then make connection with team of qualified staff. They are extra-talented and have much experience so that your issue will be terminated from the root within a short time period.

‘Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate’ is one of the Google Chrome connection errors that might appears anytime when browsing the web. The main reason behind this particular error is related to expired DigiCert certificate which is used in some websites that are dealing with private data, such as banking details, credit card information, etc. Moreover,  DigiCert is a company that verifies the authenticity of secure internet sites. When you encounter this glitch, you can Update Google Chrome Browser to make your Mac OS X error free.

Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate on Chrome

Solution To Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate On Chrome

You can get rid of this error by following these below steps. Hence, take a look at once and do the same in your browser:

  • On your Mac computer, just go to “Spotlight search” and type “Keychain Access”
  • The top result will be Keychain Access, so just click on it to open the Keychain Access app
  • After that, click on “View Show Expired Certificates” which is placed on the top of the screen
  • Now, you can see the list of certificates
  • With the help of search bar which is at the top-right of the screen, find “DigiCert High” and then press “Enter”
  • After that look for “DigiCert High Assurance Root CA”, then click on it
  • Now, press the “Delete” key
  • Do this same thing for all the expired certificates you see in the list
  • After that, restart your Mac Computer
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How To Fix Google Chrome Update Error 7?

Google Chrome throws an error 7 when the built-in-auto update mechanism tasks get failed. You can Fix Google Chrome Update Error 7 by simple terminating all the processes belonging to Google Chrome. You can also take assistance from deft techies who have hands of experience as they are proficient in annihilating all types of Google Chrome related error. Hence, there are number of options in your hand to cope-with your hurdles. So, don’t fret! If facing such type of annoying error while using your Google Chrome.

Only a few days ago Chrome has released a new version for the Windows. But if you have already installed an older version of Chrome on your PC and try to update it to the new version, then it may stuck during updating due to getting an unknown error 7. Such an error occurred while checking for updates: Installation failed. If you try to Install Google Chrome Browser, all your complicated hitches will be sorted out.

 Google Chrome Update Error 7

Solution To Fix Google Chrome Update Error 7

Take an instant look at the below points and follow the steps on using Browser in Windows:

  • First of all choose the Google Chrome browser if it is running
  • And then press the hotkey “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open the Task Manager in Windows
  • In the task manager, switch to the “Details” tab
  • After that find and select a process named “GoogleUpdate.exe” and then click on the “End Task” button to annihilate this process
  • Now, start Chrome browser once again and then try to check for updates
  • Pull down the menu and selecting “Help” > “About Google Chrome” from there to check for the Chrome updates
  • If this doesn’t work, then reboot your Windows PC and try again
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How to Fix aw snap in Google Chrome

How to Fix Google Chrome aw snap Error?

When you are browsing the web with Google Chrome, you might get an “Aw Snap” error message. This happens when the chrome detects a problem and the page unable to load. You can effortlessly Fix Google Chrome aw snap Error from tech-savvy person. You will meet that person at Browser Customer Support Number.

There is having problems in loading, that’s why such an error message display. After getting this error message, you should check immediately that other websites are loading or not. Mostly error message doesn’t show the exact details that what went wrong but this error usually indicates a problem with your Browser extensions or anti-virus software. If such an error message keeps appearing, then there may chance to corrupt your Browser. So, avail our completely free Browser Customer Care Service as fast as it be possible and get the solution without any hassle.

Before troubleshooting this error do the given simple steps first:

  • Clear Chrome Browsing data
  • Temporarily turn-off the Anti-virus or Firewall programs
  • Scan your computer and remove the malware
  • Install an older version of Chrome
  • Try CTRL-F5 to reload the site by passing the local cache

 fix aw snap in Google chrome

Solutions to Fix aw snap in Google Chrome

Solution 1:- Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the Chrome menu image
  • After that choose “Settings” option
  • Scroll down the settings window to find the “Show Advanced Settings”
  • Now scroll down the window again and uncheck the “Use Hardware acceleration when available” option
  • And then, restart your Chrome Browser and see if “Aw Snap” error is fixed

Solution 2:- Remove Chrome Extensions

  • Open “Google Chrome” and go to chrome menu image
  • And then choose the “Settings” button
  • Select “Extensions” from the left pane
  • From the installed “Extensions”, disable or remove any extension listed there
  • Now, restart your Chrome Browser and see if the “Aw Snap” error is fixed

 Solution 3:- Disable Chrome Plugins

  • Open Google Chrome Browser first and then type “plugins site” into the “URL Address Bar”
  • At “plug-ins” page, simply disable the “Adobe Flash Player” plugin and restart your Browser

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Repair or Fix Google Chrome Browser

How to Repair or Fix Google Chrome Browser?

If your chrome is creating any kind of hurdles while accessing it in your computer, then Repair or Fix Google Chrome Browser with the help of technicians. For that, you have to make a call at Browser Customer Support Number. Your one call will annihilate your hurdles from the root as call will be answered by well-professional staff.

Google chrome is one of the interesting browsers launched by the ‘Google’ company. It is basically a free of service web browser that can be accessed by common persons those who ever is looking for the internet surfing platform. But sometimes it is unable to access properly due to presence of virus or any external connecting devices. Don’t get panic for that! Just avail our free Browser Customer Care Service at the comfort of your home and then get proper assistance with experienced connoisseurs.

Repair or Fix Google Chrome Browser

Solutions to Repair or Fix Google Chrome Browser

To annihilate all your Chrome related hurdles, you need to re-install the Google Chrome. So, to install your chrome again in your system follow the below steps:

  • Firstly uninstall your chrome browser from the system by deleting it from the control panel section
  • After that open any other web browser in your system
  • In the search bar, enter the “” and do start searching
  • Just click on the official link of chrome
  • Now “run the installer” file which has been saved in your system
  • Then wait for a while until it gets installed in your system
  • Now sign-in to your chrome account by entering the proper mail address and password
  • Now you can very frequently access your chrome web browser in the system without facing any hurdles for sure
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How to Stop Google Chrome Pop-Ups?

Nowadays, surfing the internet for everyone has become the requirement. Every time we need certain information, and for this, we do internet surfing. Browsers like Google Chrome has a major role in Internet surfing. The Google Chrome Browser does a pretty good job of keeping pop-up windows under control in its Chrome browser. A deep of pop-up windows invading your traditional browsing experience indicates a problem. But, thank Google customer support team, as they have a few tricks up that “how to remove Popup from Google Chrome Browser”, and dealing with these annoying Popup/ Advertisements. These processes don’t take much time in order to set up. Here the blog will guide you very simple steps to Stop Google Chrome Pop-Ups Then, you just need to follow the steps which are given below to simply resolve it.

Stop Pop-Ups in Google Chrome 2

Methods to Stop Google Chrome Pop-Ups:-

Therefore, blocking in Chrome browser involves five basic actions, which are described as below:-

Method 1:- Blocked Pop-ups Option

  • Select Settings from the Chrome menu.
  • Typing in Popups
  • Click the Content Settings button.
  • Click Pop-ups.
  • Toggle the Pop-ups option to Blocked or delete exceptions.

Method 2:- Enable Chrome’s Pop-Up Blocking Feature

  • From the computer, you need to open “Chrome menu” icon in the upper-right corner of the browser, and then click on “Settings”
  • Type “Popups” into the Search settings field.
  • Hit on the “Content settings.
  • Under Popups, it should say “Blocked”. If it says Allowed, click “Popups” option.
  • Turn off the switch next to “Allowed”.

Method 3:- Check Your Approved List of Sites

  • Follow steps 1 to 4 above.
  • Scroll down to Allow and click on a three dots icon.
  • Select “Remove” option.
  • Repeat 1 through 3 as necessary.

Method 4:- Scan for Malware

  1. Download and Install an Antivirus Program:-

Google search to find and install an antivirus program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, because it’s possible that the pop-ups are not coming from websites you visit. They may be originating from annoying software that’s causing a bit of trouble on your system. Then download and install the antivirus program now.

  1. Run a full Scan of Your System:-

You should try to run a full scan of your system, if possible in “Safe Mode” if you can. If you don’t find anything, try another app or two just to be sure.

Method 5:- Uninstall Old Software from Your System

Many times, you accidentally installed as a package an app that you actually did not want, a strange game-sounding program often doesn’t sound quite right.  So, if you don’t recognize an app that you have installed, you might want to consider uninstalling it. Thus, you should try to uninstall Old Software from your system, by the following way:-

  • Go to your “Windows Control Panel” (or Settings->System->Apps in Windows 10).
  • Then select “Add/Remove Programs” option.

I hope your issue is fixed.

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The people who want additional help for the above methods, they are required to connect with Google Chrome customer service team by dialing Google Chrome Customer Support Number +1-888-593-4845 . This a toll-free number and available 24×7 for your help or solve your Chrome related technical issues. The highly skilled and experienced tech support expert will first listen to user’s issue and then suggest them with proper solutions. It assures the users as you will grab the optimized, and extensive solutions to fix Chrome technical issues or errors. Hence, call on the toll-free number for further help.


How to Fix Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12?

Google Chrome is one of the most used Web Browsers around the world.  But most of the time, users reported facing certain Errors with it. Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12 occur generally, when you trying to update chrome. There are many causes of the occurrence this error includes, antivirus, firewall, or parental control settings issue, malware issue, Hardware firewalls corrupted, Updates not completing Google Chrome, or not finished downloading process properly, and so on.

Thus, whatever the causes, you don’t need to frustrate about it, as you will obtain the best suitable solution to solve this issue. According to the team of Google technical support, this type of issue can be easily fixed by applying simple steps. Then, you can easily Fix Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12, by just following the troubleshooting steps.


Steps to Fix Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12:-

Step 1:- Download Google Chrome

Might be it is possible that some files are missing on your computer, or may be corrupted, so you should try to download Google Chrome again to fix the problem.

Follow these steps:-

  • First, you have to need to Uninstall Chrome on your system.
  • Then, reinstall Google Chrome. To do this, you will need to download the Google Chrome. You can download it, by visiting the site “”.
  • Next, find the correct Google Chrome, according to your OS (Windows and MAC).
  • Hit the “Download” button, and save it on your desktop.
  • After going to the download folder, and find the chrome download file, which you just download. Right on that file, and choose the “Run the installer” option, and then starts the installing Chrome process.
  • Wait some time, while the Chrome reinstalling process completely.

Now check the error is resolved. If it’s appearing, then go to the next step.

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Step 2:- Reboot our Computer

You should try to reboot your computer. The reinstalling might not have completed on your computer. So you should try to rebooting your computer and updating Chrome again.

Step 3:-Check for Malware

You will need to verify the malware on your system, may be unwanted software stop Chrome from updating correctly. Make sure you have must check to that malware and virus problems to correctly fix the problem.

Step 4:- Review Antivirus, Firewall, or Parental Control Settings

You should try to check the settings for your antivirus, firewall, or parental control software. Make sure that the software updates are not blocked from going online.

After performing all the above steps, if still, this Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12 persisting, then you should connect with our experts of Google Chrome Customer Support team in dealing the problem.

Contact at Google Chrome Customer Support Number For Getting Urgent Help:-


You can call us at our Google Chrome Browser Support Number to make an instant connection with the team of Google Chrome customer support professionals, who are available 24×7 for your help or queries. The talented and skilled experts will give you fast and the excellent customer service & assistance in fixing this Google Chrome error and other types of Google Chrome related technical issues. Hence, get in touch with our technicians at dialing the toll-free number, and can be resolved your all queries or issue of Google Chrome browser.


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Google Chrome Browser Error list

Top Google Chrome Browser Error List with Their Solutions

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