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Fix Google Chrome Unspecified Error When Launching

How to Fix Google Chrome Unspecified Error When Launching?

The simple and lightweight browser and most preferred is Google Chrome but in case of issues. To Fix Google Chrome Unspecified Error when launching one of the annoying error which you come across when working with Google Chrome on your Windows. Upon repeated attempts to download you can somehow install with pops up. When you are confront chrome installation failed due to unspecified error they you must first remove the Chrome Application folder from PC. You can either follow the blog steps or connect with our qualified, certified and capable technicians who will look into the matter. Our efficient tech team is all time ready to fix the unspecified error as soon as possible and meanwhile you can also solve via following blog steps.

This is no strange issues you might have come across. You can initially check on possible folders, registry and see if anything is going wrong but nothing much popped up. Things you would have noticed is that the exe name of the application has changed from chrome.exe to new_chrome.exe which is quite strange. Therefore you can check the properties of the taskbar shortcut and the target path is indeed pointing to the same folder. You have got the above error which is unspecified when you are trying to launch from the taskbar shortcut, however I was still able to launch the application if you visit the physical location “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\” and launch the new_chrome.exe.

You can also check the registry and search for both chrome.exe and new_chrome.exe, and found that there are almost identical registry entries and keys for both the file names.

So here’s what you can try now as this might help you in fixing the works for those who still have the exe name shown as chrome.exe itself instead of new_chrome.exe.


Steps to troubleshoot ‘Unspecified Error’ When Launching Google Chrome:

Step 1: Launch the Run box dialog on your PC

Step 2: You need to type text such as %USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\google in the opened box and click on OK button

Step 3: Your’s this action on typing the text on search box open up file explorer with some fodders now you need to select all the folders either via CTRL+A shortcut key or using the mouse cursor

Step 4: Remove all the folders of Google by pressing the Delete key instead of using the right click from the mouse and select the delete option

Step 5: A warning dialog box appears and may pop up to delete the file permanently click no yes to proceed

Step 6: Restart the Windows Operating System on your PC or laptop when it start try installing the Google chrome again on your system.

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When none of the above method step is effective or favoring you need to connect with our Browser Customer Support Phone Number Dial +1-888-593-4845 any hour of day and night. You can avail the right kind of support solution at your doorstep for fixing the Browser unspecified error of Google Chrome launching via connecting with us. Our skilled, capable, talented and experienced technicians guide you in right direction of problem solving with Windows Operating System. You are free to communicate with our tech experts via dropping an email to our customer support email Id address or have live chat with technicians. Now you can get your Operating System functioning and features working successfully right under the guidance of qualified tech professionals.