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Chrome is launched and developed by Google in the year 2008. It has become one of the most popular web browsers on the desktop. Google Chrome search works amazingly on systems, be it computers, laptops, and mobile phones and assist the user in finding for any topic on which they want complete details. But, often the user may face several issues such as Fix Chrome ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR which creates problems for the user, especially, when they execute the browser.

One such issue that is most common and which mostly occurs is ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome. This error primarily happens when the user tries to access some websites, which most popular include YouTube, Google+, Tumbler, Facebook and many others. Well, this is one such common error which is being seen by users all across the world. Also, it can be solved by simply perform the various troubleshooting solutions, that suggested by Google Chrome Support experts.

Well, you must know how to solve ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR before it’s too late.


Fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Google Chrome is one of the most common errors that chrome sometime may face while accessing certain websites like YouTube, Google+, Tumbler, Facebook and many others. So, users as you get this error on your computer screen with the following message “this webpage is not available” or errors like ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR Facebook, ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR Tumblr, ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR Chrome, then all you need is to do to immediately Fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR before its too late. So, for processing, you should follow the steps that are mentioned below in the correct way so that you never will face this error again.


Simple Solutions to Fix Chrome ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR:-

There are ample ways that will help you encounter this error. But for accuracy, it is better to track down the blog or connect with Google Chrome Support.

Clear Your System’s Cache

Solution 1:- Clearing Cookies from Chrome

Many of the times Clearing Cookies from Chrome works to fix the error. When you face this error, clearing cookies, is one of the easiest solutions to solve out the issue. You should know the error sometimes occurs due to some security issues. So, you must try to clear Cookies that are present in your Chrome browser.

Follow these steps which are pretty simple:-

Step 1:- Open Your Chrome browser

First, you need to go to the settings in your Chrome browser.

Step 2: – Select “History” Option

Then, go to the “History” tab.

Step 3:- Choose Clear Browsing Data

In the next, you have to click on the “Clear Browsing Data” tab.

Step 4:- Select the Pop-up box

Then you will see a pop-up box with a checklist, tick on “Cached Images and files” and click on “Cookies and Other site and plug-in data”.

After that, deselect all the things in that box.

Step 5:- Set on “the beginning of time” Option

“Obligate the following items from” should always be set on “the beginning of time”.

Step 6:- Clearing Browsing Data

Finally, you will need to click on “Clearing Browsing data” tab below (in rightmost corners).

If the above solution didn’t help to fix the issue, then follow the next solution.

Solution 2:-Update Your Browser

The SPDY protocol other fact is that the SPDY protocol is down within the existence chrome and also is removed from the latest versions of the Chrome browser. As a result, to make sure that this error doesn’t take place you require to confirm that the browser you are using is not outdated.

Know More Facts About Google Chrome

It is recommended by Google Chrome Customer Care team, you should always prefer and running the latest Chrome browser. So, it’s gently requested you to download the latest version of Google Chrome so you can easily get the proper results and Remove Fix Chrome ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR.  After getting the latest browser version you can easily surf the browsers & use.

Solution 3:-Verify for Antivirus Software on Your System

This error code also could occur when there is a problem associated with a virus and malware files, which slows the browser surfing and arise the error message pop up. Well, many of the Avast Security Software users face this err SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR while accessing certain websites. So if you are using any security software or third-party antivirus system software, then you can need to add the best antivirus software on your system so you can hassle free avoid the malware or virus reacted files on your system. Additionally, you can access the websites in the Web Shield exclusion of this security software. Follow these steps to do it:-

Step1:- Open Avast Security Software

First of all, you have needed to open the Avast security software in your system.

Step 2:- Go to Setting

Then you have to go to setting in that Avast Security software.

Step3: Choose Active Protection Tab

It’s time to choose “Active Protection” Tab.

Step 4:- Customize Protection

Next, go to Customize Web Shield Protection

Step 5:- Add Websites

Finally, add the required websites here, separately. Then wait a few minutes.

Sure, this process will solve your problem if you are using this software. But, ensure that you add all the URLs correctly.

Solution 4:- Flush Sockets

Well, the error message ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR Google Chrome can also come due to various reasons, but the only the last probable option to get you out of this error by Flush Sockets. To do this, follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Navigate the Link

Open the following link chrome://net-internals/#sockets

Step 2:- Choose Sockets

Then you need to select the Sockets from the top left corner tab.

Step 3:- Hit on “clear socket pool” Option

Now it’s time to click on the clear socket pool option.

In this way, you can easily, Flush Sockets in Chrome.

I hope your issue Chrome ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is fixed.

But, if you still get this error after doing all the above solutions or steps, then you may uninstall your browser and then reinstall it.  This is the best option and also require to you is to uninstall, and then reinstall Chrome again. And believe it will not take more time; even you will be able to do that in just 5 minutes. Besides, to do this install and reinstalls come process; you can get the Google Chrome Customer Service Team of professional help.

Furthermore, it will help you to resolve your chrome browser related technical issues or errors.  Also, the error sometimes gets fixed only by refreshing the page.

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