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Can’t Delete Safari History On iPhone 6 – Steps to Fix

Can’t Delete Safari History On iPhone 6 some users have reported repeated experience in encountering issues with their Safari browser. Users have further tried to erase their searched Safari history but, it appears to be grayed out. Deleting via Settings process too does not seems to be working out on the iPhone.


Well, these issues can be the cause of user’s “Restriction settings” on the iPhone 6 as said by Safari Browser Technical Support professional team. But fortunately we have got a solution to this issue which is considered as the best option for users. One needs to switch off the “Restriction” settings by simply following all the below given steps

Steps to fix can’t delete Safari history on iPhone 6

Step 1: Settings option

  • Open and click on the “Settings” option

 Step 2: “General” settings

  • Tap on the “General” settings

 Step 3: Restriction option

  • Scroll down and then select the “Restrictions” option

 Step 4: Restrictions code

 Step 5: Disable Restrictions

  • Next, a user is required to choose the “Disable Restrictions” icon to proceed further
  • While disabling the restrictions, users are requested to completely erase their history on their iPhone.
  • If they are only clearing out History and leaving all the cookies as well as data, one can still view all the web history by simply directing themselves to Settings > Safari >Advanced (at the bottom) > Website Data option.
  • In response to clear the history, users are suggested to get used to both the options i.e Clear History and Clear Data and Cookies.

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